painting by antoine blanchard of place du tertre in Montmartre, paris

painting by Antoine Blanchard of Cafe de la Paix and the Opera house in Paris

painting of porte st. denis in paris, street scene with people, horses and carts

painting of the vaudeville theatre in paris, street scene with horses, people and flower cart

Painting of place de la concorde with peope walking and building on right side

painting of the arc de triomphe in paris and people, horses and carriages on the champs-elysee

painting of the front of the chatalet theatre in paris with people and a bus on the street

painting of rue tronchet and the madeleine in paris, people walking down the street

oil painting of the theatre des varietes in paris with people walking down the street

oil painting of place clichy in paris, clichy monument, snow, horses, cart and people in street

painting of place de l'opera and cafe de la paix in paris

cafe de la paix and the paris opera house with people walking in the snow covered street