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If you have additional information about any of the paintings or questions about them, please contact us at rehs.com.


Guide to using this catalogue


The “search” feature allows you to search by title, medium, date, provenance, exhibitions,  publications and keywords.


Search terms should not include definite or indefinite articles such as “the”, “a” or “an” in English or such as “le”, “la”, “les”, “un”, “une” in French. Neither should the abbreviations “d’” or “q’” or qu’” in French be used.


Keyword searches will be most successful when selecting a specific characteristic. For example, searching for “booksellers” will narrow the field of options.

The use of “ca.” before a date indicates that the artwork dates from a five-year span before the date and after the date. For example, a painting dated ca. 1970 might have been painted at any time between 1965 and 1975.


The inventory system for the artworks is based on location and begins with a series of letter that correlate to the location shown (ex: ATCEN - Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, North). This is followed by a series of numbers, the first four of which relate to the canvas size, and the last four are assigned sequentially when an art work is authenticated and included in the catalogue raisonné.