Below is a list, in chronological order of events in the life of Antoine Blanchard.

1910 November 15 Born in a small village near Blois
1939 Married a young Parisian woman.
Called to service during World War II.
1944 Birth of his first daughter Nicole. She would become an artist initially painting under the name A. Champeau and later under the name Nicole Blanchard.
1947 The birth of his second daughter Evelyn. She would become an artist painting under the name Evelyn Leguen.
1979 September The owners of the Café de la Paix organized a competition; the theme of which was the Café de la Paix. 347 artists submitted works and a selection of those works were chosen for display. Blanchard's entry was awarded the Grand Prix du Public.
1988 February 10 Exhibition begins at Wally Findlay Galleries, Chicago, Illinois. Runs until March 4, 1988.
August 10 Antoine Blanchard died.